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What's a Cannacter?

Cannacter (noun)

  1. A connector, energy source, hook-up, an advocate for craft cannabis;

  2.  An experienced ganjapreneur who bridges the gap between cannabis culture and technology. 

Cannacter's mission is to create e-Commerce platforms that make buying and selling cannabis easier and more productive for both parties. We champion small, family-owned independent farms, and are committed to keeping big weed out of the cannabis business.

"Because nobody wants to get their weed from Big Pharma or the mob" 

Steffo Mitakides / CEO/Founder


Stephanos Mitakides


Serial ganjaprenuer Steffo Mitakides, former Microsoft cloud consultant and rock and roll semi-luminary, likes to put the high in high- tech. Obsessed with Sales since scalping tickets at Spartan Stadium when he was 12 years old, Steffo loves the hustle. He has built two cannabis and Leaf-broker is a B2B retail site and is the industry's first wholesale auction site.


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