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You run the farm, we run the hustle.

Our team of Seattle OGs have learned a lot since cannabis became legal recreationally in Washington 2014. Straight up, we started doing it early and learned some great lessons. Our consultants pass on hard-earned best practices to our clients. Our knowledge of sales, supply chain, marketing and branding in the PnW helps emerging recreational and adult markets. Trust is our superpower. Simply put, our goal is offer up great advice and help drive successful wholesale transactions.


Stephanos Mitakides - CEO/Founder

Serial ganjaprenuer Steffo Mitakides, former Microsoft cloud consultant, loves the hustle. He founded Leaf-broker, a leading B2B retail marketplace for independent, family-owned farms, in Seattle in 2018. In 2019, he began developing Sling.auction, the industries' first wholesale auction platform. Cannacter, founded in 2020, is focused on helping recreational and adult markets identify sound sales strategies. "Nobody wants to get their weed from Big Pharma or the mob."


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