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Washington has a legacy of growing great craft cannabis. Whether it's the purple UW strain from the mid-90s or the new runtz strains of today, this state has always had the best, most potent cannabis in the country. Our results-driven consulting team helps you find the right partners, wholesalers and retailers to build and break your brand. We help with sourcing, packaging, pricing, marketing and sales and get you shelf space in a crowded and competitive market.


Stephanos Mitakides - CEO/Founder

Serial ganjaprenuer Steffo Mitakides, former Microsoft cloud consultant and rock n roll semi luminary, loves the hustle. He founded Leaf-broker, a  B2B retail marketplace for independent, family-owned farms, in Seattle in 2018. In 2019, he began developing Sling.auction, the industries' first wholesale auction platform. Cannacter, founded in 2020, is a Canna Consultancy focused on breaking brands. "Nobody wants to get their weed from Big Pharma or the mob. Or worse, non-smokers."


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