Graded Sellers. Vetted Buyers. 

Happy Supply Chain.


What's a Cannacter?

Cannacter (noun)

  1. A wholesale broker/trader

  2. A connector, energy source, raconteur, hook-up; a cannabis advocate.

  3. An experienced hustler who brings sellers together with buyers.

We are obsessed with the sales process and supply chain. Our team curates the best goods, connects vetted buyers with graded material and helps facilitate consistently successful transactions. Our mission is to let farmers be farmers and let us run the hustle. 


Stephanos Mitakides - CEO/Founder

Serial ganjaprenuer Steffo Mitakides, former Microsoft cloud consultant, loves the hustle. He founded Leaf-broker, a leading B2B retail marketplace for craft cannabis, in Seattle in 2018. In 2019, he began working  on Sling.auction, the industries' first wholesale auction platform. Cannacter, founded in 2020, is his first entry in the wholesale market. "


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